slingshots slingshots Hickory ergo 46836984 Ash hunting model Another picture of the hunter 13771341 Natural Forks Hard maple slingshots..on their way to the Netherlands (Sweden) 46836074 Shooting the hunter This shoots over the top and the bands are very easy to install even though i have yet to break one with over 1000 shots on my personal shooter 13814910 black walnut nice ergo shooter 11341697 Curly Tiger Maple A beautiful piece :) 10414938 Red Oak A nice comfy grip 10366165 Red Cedar A true classic 10414281 32134596 32134597 100 year old apple over the top 32135076 White oak beautiful wood grain 10792022 White oak very pretty wood 10792023 Red cedar finished with linseed oil 11144341 Red oak Shoot through the hoop. really cool and shoots great 11919329 Red cedar an over the top shooter 11919330 Black Walnut over the top 12812057 Walnut Ergo An over the top shooter 12812599 natural fork dyed maple...single slot hookup 14723083 16341875 natural fork 16341852 pocket shooter 16341876 16341879 cherry ergo i can make more of these beauties 19415017 widow maker curley maple 120932350