Laminated Forks Laminated Forks Ash A beautiful ash fork,laminated with Hawian Koa, veneer. 25997394 5 layer laminate This fork is layered with 3 pieces of red, and white oak, and two layers of veneer, koa. 25997396 Widowmaker #18 Here is another picture of widow #18 26088390 Leopardwood Laminate White oak in the middle..and two layers of leopard wood on the outside. 26456713 5 layer laminate 26456714 Leopardwood Ergo hickory center 33702867 Vanilla Wafers Two of a kind White aspen center,, with red oak on the front and back. 34041951 Chocolate Wafer a laminate with a black walnut center,and curly maple on one side, hickory on the other. very beautiful ergo. 33702868 Vanilla Wafers Matching set of aspen and red oak 34041952 Osage, and Maple Ergo 33702869 creamcicle ash center, osage sides 33702870 oreo osage center,with exotic bacu wood sides 71840923 Maple and Hickory Laminate 33702871 curly maple curly maple center, with red cedar sides 71840924 a real catty curly tiger maple center, with leopardwood sides 71840925