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B0y Scouts Rendevous


I never got back with after we purchased a bunch of your Bunny Buster sling shots for our Boy Scout Mountain Man Rendezvous. They were an enormous hit. I was amazed at how accurate the sling shots were. The boys shot at an 8 inch target at 30 feet distance. We shot small animal food pellets. That way we did not have to pick them up. The raccoons were probably real excited when we left.

The red dot on the sling shots was to help them the boys shoot them with the band over the top. The instructions we used told the to point the red dot at the target. Worked great. 300 boys shot the slingshots and not one rubber came off or was broken. Great product. I am going to buy a few more to use in our big raffle at the rendezvous. Here is a few photos of your product in use.


Lon Atkinson



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